Cluster Areas

We will like to invite strategic collaborators to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). The Letter will express the intention of your organization to join the Consortium, to work towards:

1. Supporting the health of exoskeleton community by coordinating innovative research and development (R&D) that advances standards, education and workforce development, and related activities.
2. Providing a neutral forum for pre-competitive discussions and collaboration between stakeholders across disparate sectors and disciplines, giving them a framework to identify and address the greatest needs in the field and fostering the creation of a fair and effective marketplace for exo technologies.
3. Leveraging its international network and expertise to solve common exo community challenges, promoting a fair and open global marketplace, and educating / informing industry, users, and policy makers.

Please provide a LOI, on your organisation letterhead, to register participation in the proposed study. Download here the template for the LOI. This template is provided to reflect the information required in the letter of intent. Please return the completed LOI to LOI@GET2EXCEL.ORG