Standards provide a basis for mutual understanding amongst individuals, businesses, public authorities and other organizations and they facilitate communication, commerce, measurement and manufacturing. Standardization of Exo Technology (Exo Tech) is challenging due to the expected increasing modularity of these technologies, their fast-changing nature, the intimate interaction of these devices with humans and the diverse stakeholders that need to be involved.

The main objective of GET2EXCEL CoE is to promote and secure the broadest adoption of Exo Tech by Society. This entails the identification of Standards needs, avenues and R&D projects, the orchestration of a sound testing and benchmarking ecosystem, the understanding of non-technical roadblocks for the adoption of the technology and the creations of educational and communication programs for the broadest awareness. Therefore, our main objective is split into four aims to:

  • Consolidate a R&D multiannual and multisectoral Roadmap (the GET2EXCEL R&D Roadmap) on benchmarking, standardization and education.
  • Identify key GET2EXCEL R&D Roadmap priorities and secure the correct ecosystem, including funding, testing facilities, necessary competences and links to policy makers (the GET2EXCEL Research and Benchmarking facilities), to sustain them.
  • Educate the Society and create the widest public awareness and engagement and to create a global resource of knowledge (the GET2EXCEL Knowledge & Education Repository) with access to technical (patents, R&D projects, publications, data warehouses) and non-technical (business models and market analysis, socio-economic analysis, health-care economics, demographics and Social Science analysis) resources.
  • Coordinate all major stakeholders (the GET2EXCEL Network and Cluster Areas), including Academia, Manufacturers, Users and Policy makers, to secure all competences are represented so that Standardization is open to everybody.

GET2EXCEL CoE activities will be organized around five (5) work tasks.

  • Multi-annual and multi-sectoral R&D Roadmap and support for Standardization.
  • Building a Testing and Benchmarking ecosystem.
  • Analysis of societal values and non-technical roadblocks.
  • Creating a global resource of knowledge for Education and general awareness.
  • Coordinate & Sustain the GET2EXCEL CoE ecosystem.